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There are so many amazing designers out there who are selling their patterns as digital PDF downloads. This means that you can buy a pattern from anywhere in the world and your purchase will immediately show in your account. The ones that I use most often are: Closet Core patterns, Grainline Studio, True Bias, Sew Liberated, Marilla Walker, Tilly and the Buttons, Papercut Patterns, Deer and Doe. But there are many more, and I’m discovering new ones all the time. So to buy a pattern, select a pattern from any sewing pattern design company and buy the PDF version of the product. You then have that digital product to keep, but in order to use it, you will have to print it out somehow, and that is where we come in.

In order to use your PDF pattern, you will need to have it printed. Follow our step by step to get your pattern printed on lightweight paper. You will then use it in exactly the same way as you would use a paper sewing pattern – so pin it to your fabric, cut it out and sew. The instructions will be on your device instead of printed, but it’s more environmentally friendly like that. Many companies will do sewalongs for their patterns on their blogs to make it easier to follow the instructions too. 

Some PDF patterns are layered. This means that in Adobe reader, you can select only the size that you want. To see if your pattern is layered, open it in Adobe reader and see if there is a layer icon on the left hand side (it looks like a stack of paper). If there is, then your pattern is layered. The advantage of this is that you can restrict the sizes you print, which makes it easier for grading between sizes as there are only 2 lines showing. For example, if you need to grade from a size 12 at the waist to a 14 at the hips, you can ask for only these 2 sizes to be printed, and when you cut the pattern out, you will cut the top at the size 12 line, and draw a line between the 12 and the 14 at the hips to gradually grade between the 2 sizes. Alternatively you can print all sizes, and if there are no comments in the comment box, that is the default option. Even if you select one particular size before sending the file to us, we will not see what you had selected, so it is important to tell us in the comments if you only want certain sizes printed. Remember that the beauty of PDF patterns is that you still have the digital version so if you need to print out a different size in the future, you can still do this. 

To see how many A0 pages your pattern has, go to your digital downloads for the pattern you want, and open up the A0 copyshop version of the PDF file. Each pattern will come with several files in the download, including the A4 print at home version (that you have to stick together, yuk), and the instructions. When you send us a file, it needs to be the A0 copyshop file only. To see how many pages it has, open it up and have a look. Just like with any PDF document, there is a page count displayed in the toolbar, usually top centre. It will look something like 1 / 2 when you are on the first page, meaning that you are on page 1 and there are 2 pages in total. You can scroll down and look at the pattern pieces on your screen and this is how they will be sent to you (but in full size). Note the number of pages for each pattern you need printing as you need to select the total number of pages in order to add them to your basket. 

If you want to print out more than one copy of the same pattern, then tell us in the comments. If it is a pattern with 2 A0 pages, then select 4 A0 pages, upload one pattern and let us know in the comments that you want 2 copies of the pattern. 

If you want to print out several different patterns, note down the number of A0 pages for each one and sum them up . For example, if you want to print a grainline Scout Tee (1 A0) plus the Closet Core Amy Jumpsuit (3 A0), then upload the 2 PDF A0 size files, and select 4 in the quantity box. 

Postage to the UK is £1.85 postage to Europe is £7, rest of the world is £10.

See our STEPP blogpost to see why we love lightweight paper 

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We have a small shop selling of small items to compliment your sewing. Kylie and the Machine labels and Little Rosy Cheeks labels both offer the opportunity to customise your garments with personal messages

Yes, on our website, on the top bar is a link ‘A4 Pattern Pages’, click on there and follow the instructions. If you are not sure email us through Contacts with your question, and we will respond as fast as we can. 

Yes but on a low temperature setting. 1 or 2 on the iron. 

If you check out and then realise that you’ve another pattern to add, just use the coupon code ‘clickandcollect‘ at checkout, and this will remove the postage charge on your second order.  Make sure you reference the original order in the notes section, and don’t leave it more than a few hours, otherwise we might have already printed your original order – but do contact us to check, in busy times it might take a couple of days to get your order out

We print every day including weekends during busy times, so you shouldn’t be waiting too long, although on occasion the level of orders has resulted in a queue of up to 3 days. Once printed, your order is posted first class, so in the UK, it often arrives the next day although we can’t predict Royal Mail service levels.  For European orders, and the rest of the world, they can take a lot longer depending on the postage system in your country.

In the event of a drinks spillage, it’s a sign to take a break! Fabulosew paper initially looks like it won’t survive a soaking, but my last incident, when left overnight in the naughty corner, was actually usable the next day.  Just don’t try and straighten it out whilst it is wet, it will tear. Step away, leave it exactly as it is and review the damage tomorrow.  And hopefully it’s only the paper, and not your fabric!