Sewing Pattern Instruction Booklet Print


Have your sewing pattern instruction booklet printed in A5 size to go handily with your patterns.

Price is £2.50 per booklet.

For detailed instructions on how to buy this product, see below.

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Instruction on buying your instruction booklet print

What you get

One instruction booklet per pattern.

A5 in size, unless it can only be printed in A4 sized paper.

In full colour or black and white.

Printed individually, with or without the pattern. You might have printed your pattern at a different time and had decided to have an instruction Booklet printed at a later date!

We do not charge per page, only per Booklet.

How to order

To buy this product, upload your Pattern Instructions to the ‘browse file’ area, by dragging and dropping them from your files on your device, into the ‘white cloud area’ or press ‘Browse’ and search for your file, this should be in the same area your pattern PDF file is saved on your Device/PC.

The price will update automatically with every booklet you upload, so you don’t have to worry about inputting the correct number into a quantity box.


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