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Beautiful lightweight sewing pattern paper, easy to work with, and less to store.

Please Follow The Instructions Below, before you place an order, thank you.

  • Number of Pattern Pages * £4.50

    Min: 1

  • Notes *

  • *

Additional Options

  • Pattern Storage Envelopes * £1.00

  • Notes for Pattern Storage Envelopes *

    Want the pattern name or designer filled in? Put the text you want in the fields in here.

  • Pattern Instruction Booklet * £2.50

Drop Files Here, Or Browse...


The quantity option makes duplicates of your order, it doesn’t add pages.


Step 1

Buy your pattern from a designer and upload the PDF into a file on your computer, where you can find it later.

Step 2

You now need to add up the total number of pages you want printing from each A0 sized PDF pattern (so say you buy 2 patterns and in each A0 PDF file, there are 2 pages, you would then need to put 4 in ‘Number of Pattern Pages’). Make sure you enter the total number of pages you need printing in ‘Number of Pattern Pages’.
  • Adobe Reader is good for seeing the number of pages in each A0 PDF file of your pattern.  It’s likely to be between 1 and 4 pages in each PDF.
  • It is also a good way to check if the PDF is A0 or A4. Make sure you download the A0 PDF.

Step 3

Now upload all of your A0 PDF files (not the A4 or the instructions) to the area that says ‘Drop Files Here or Browse’.

  • To make it easy you can Drag and Drop the PDF file by holding down the left key on your mouse over the PDF file from where it is saved, to ‘Drop Files Here’.
  • You can use ‘Browse’ as an alternative.

Step 4

If you need several of the same pattern, then just add the extra number of pages you want printing to ‘Add to Basket’, and leave instructions in ‘Notes about your patterns’.

If you would like a particular size printing, then also leave a special instruction in ‘Notes about your patterns’.


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Pattern Storage Envelope (£1.00 per envelope)
Pattern Instruction Booklet Prints (£2.50 per booklet)

Pattern Storage Envelopes

An envelope to store your pattern in with information fields about it on the front to fill in.

Fields are:

  • Pattern name
  • Designer name
  • Fabric type
  • Size cut
  • Seam allowance
  • Notions/Fabric requirements
  • Notes
  • Number of times made

Pattern Instruction Booklet Prints

Have your sewing pattern instruction booklet printed in A5 (unless it can only be printed in A4 sized paper) size to go handily with your patterns.

In full colour or black and white.

Printed individually, with or without the pattern. You might have printed your pattern at a different time and had decided to have an instruction Booklet printed at a later date!

We do not charge per page, only per booklet.