How to place an order on an IPhone

A question that we get asked on a not infrequent basis, is ‘how do I place an order on my Ipad if I don’t have a computer?’

We are actually an Ipad free household (much to the youngest teens annoyance), but I do have an Iphone.  So one evening, I decided to see how to purchase a pattern, download it to my phone, and upload it as an order to Fabulosew.

Hopefully the same process will apply to an Ipad.

Step 1: buy a pattern

I don’t usually buy a pattern on my phone, but in the interests of research and screenshots, I did this time. Once I purchased, I got the links sent to me as usual by email, and can also access them through my account with the designer on any other device (as long as I remember my password)

This is what happened when I clicked the download link – you get a list of all the downloads you receive with the pattern. I am only downloading the A0 file for now (the top file)

This is what my ‘Waves and Wild’ account looks like.  Every red button is a different download, which you can click on and save using the same steps below. Because the file description (i.e print at home, copyshop, instructions, projector) is in white text, it can be difficult to tell what you’re downloading until you click on it, but I think the copyshop file is the first in the list

Step 2: Save the A0 file to your device

This is what the file looked like when I opened it on my phone. There was a page count on the top left which didn’t show on the screenshot. I was also able to see the number of pages by scrolling down. It’s important to note the number of pages for when you place your order

When I pressed the square with the upwards facing arrow on the bottom of the screen (next to the greyed out right facing arrow), this menu appeared, and I selected the option ‘save to files’

This is what happens after you select the option to save to files

I selected the option to save to PDF Expert. I also saved the instructions to pages, but I think that it doesn’t matter, as long as you can find it again

Step 3: Set up a Fabulosew A0 printing order

When you press the browse button, it should allow you to select from the location you saved your file(s) to, although you’ll need to access a secondary browse menu to do this – see the next screenshot.

When you press the browse button on your Fabulosewew order, you need to press the dot dot dot (ellipsis) button next to the browse on this menu

It will then take you to this screen, and you can select your pattern(s) from wherever you saved them in step 2

This bit is VERY IMPORTANT! Because our system isn’t clever enough to count the number of pages in your upload, you need to manually adjust the number of pages before you press the add to basket button. If you get it wrong, it can always be corrected later, but it might delay your pattern being sent.

After this, just check out as normal.  If you want to pay by card, make sure you select this option on the checkout screen.

And that’s it! You really can order a pattern and send it to Fabulosew for printing all whilst watching TV!

Whilst you’re waiting for the pattern to arrive (see here for delivery times), I suggest using the time you’ve saved on not printing and sticking A4’s to shop for fabric, browse the hashtag of your chosen pattern(s) on instagram for inspiration and tips, clean your sewing machines, or bake a cake.

Happy sewing!


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