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Welcome to Fabulosew!

We are a sewing pattern printing company dedicated to delivering printed patterns as quickly and ecologically efficiently as possible.

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Why Fabulosew?

We are a sewing pattern printing company, printing patterns on lightweight paper.  For more information on what we do see here – STEPP into lightweight paper with Fabulosew.

We created our business in 2020, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic when, at the start of lockdown, John was made redundant from a job he had only been in for a few months.  Unable to leave the house due to shielding, and with Heather due to start a new job in London, we took the decision to set up a pattern printing business. 

Trade Enquiries

If you are a designer, sewing school, fabric shop or vlogger, contact us at for special rates or one off discounts.

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