A tale of 2 Zadies

I’ve had the Zadie jumpsuit by Paper theory on my make list for well over a year, and I finally got around to making it up. Late to the party but a complete convert and I’ve now made 2!

My first version is made out of some mystery black fabric from my stash. Given the single layer cutting layout, it does take a while to cut out, but without it, you’d not get a whole jumpsuit out of less than 2.5m of fabric.

I made a size 12 at the top, graded to a 14 at the bottom. I also took 1.5″ out of the bodice length. I am 5’4″, and it’s drafted for 5’7″. I know that I have a short body, but I spent a long time on instagram trying to work out where the bodice should end. I am actually really happy with the result.

I struggled with getting the pockets to lie flat, but other than that, it was a fairly straightforward and enjoyable make. No interfacing, no fastenings, just sewing.

Due to the popularity of the pattern, there are quite a few youtube sewalongs, which helps too.

My second version is made out of the most amazing tencel twill from Sew me Sunshine. It’s so comfortable. For this version, I thought I’d sussed the pockets, but one of them is really baggy. Also, the darts on the trousers and bodice do not match up, but it doesn’t really show. I must have stretched out the fabric or something. But I love the fabric and the colour.

Top tip for bathroom visits – untie the ties, loosen them off but don’t unthread them from the hole at the side. Then put them in the right pocket to stop them trailing. Like this, you won’t need to rethread the ties through the hole (it’s in the side seam which is quite hard to access), and there’s no danger of dipping them in the toilet!

This is a truly great pattern, I can thoroughly recommend it. Smart and comfortable.

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I’m looking for a jumpsuit but it needs to be quick to take off. Does the belt wrap around to keep it together or at there other fastenings that need to be undone?

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