Lesser known pattern companies

One of the things I love about having a sewing pattern printing company, is the number of new patterns I come across. Although I don’t get involved in running Fabulosew on a daily basis – that is entirely down to John, (I work full time elsewhere), I often find myself looking at the orders when they come in, and occasionally buying a pattern I’ve seen as an order for myself – I did this recently with the Wiksten Unfolding jacket

I have a really good memory, and an Instagram obsession, so already knew of a lot of pattern companies, but there are certainly some that I didn’t know of, or that you may not have heard of either, so I thought I’d just highlight a few of them.


These 2 new pattern companies feel special to me, as both of them set up during the pandemic, just as we did.

First up – Make with Mandi.

Mandi has bought out 4 patterns now – 2 dresses (I’m really keen to make the Mia in some really special fabric to make my own Bodenesque summer staple), some culottes (I’ve fabric set aside for these) and a cami top.

Stitched in Wonderland is another new pattern company I love.

Alice’s artwork is so quirky and unusual, and her patterns have quite a youthful aesthetic. I’ve made an everyday blouse which I love

Seen on YouTube/Instagram

Recently, I’ve seen several makes on YouTube and Instagram from pattern companies that are surprisingly large, but less well known.

Pattern Emporium – Unwind hoodie

Alex Judge sews (who I get a lot of sewing inspiration from) made 5 of these in a week! Australia based, with loads of beginner resources.

Diby Club

One of the Sewing Bee contestants from series 6 recently made some jeans from this company – there are 3 different jeans patterns, as well as several maternity/breastfeeding friendly options too. As well as the Billie wearable blanket of course, a free pattern that everyone (in the UK) needs!

Made it Patterns

recently released the Eight Tee, which is getting loads of love on Instagram, but I’m dying to make the drop dress & top. It’s like something from a Japenese pattern book, but more size inclusive

Teen specific patterns, and a fab shorties/cami set too

Dressy stuff

I don’t have much need for dressy stuff, but there are 2 companies I’d not previously encountered whose long dressy skirts speak to me.

Little Lizard King – Manhattan skirt. This company also do a great selection of adult and child matching bundles, and dolls clothes too. After Frugal Frocks, you’ve probably all heard of the Galena dress too!

Violette Thread Fields is another company I’d never heard of before, and what I really love about this is the tween section – for that awkward girl period when childrens clothes are too childish and adult clothes don’t yet fit. And another gorgeous long skirt pattern, designed for Tulle

The rest

This is going to be too long, but there are more that I mustn’t miss (although doubtless I’ll miss some anyway)!

Sageville Patterns

Sinclair Patterns – I’m amazed I’d not come across these before

Straight Stitch Designs

Marilla Walker – ok I’ve made several of Marilla’s patterns pre Fabulosew, but she’s less well known and I love her patterns

Capsule Patterns

Twig and Tale – absolutely stunning website and patterns for men, women and children as well as accessories (including a brilliant ham pattern)

Brindille and Twig – beautiful childrens, babies and adult patterns, and the cutest logo

Peekaboo pattern shop -a great selection of patterns for men too

Lowland Kids – excellent beginner level patterns

The Sussex Seamstress – lovely selection of patterns, great video instructions available too

There are so many more, and every time I step away from this blog post, I think of other companies! But maybe some of these are new to you, and will inspire you to try out a new designer. It was a long time before I moved on from the designer I first sewed with (Tilly and the Buttons), but honestly, there’s so much to discover out there!

Happy sewing


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I suspect you don’t make a lot of children’s clothes! Because a lot of the pattern companies you’ve mentioned are really well-known /staples to people who do, eg Little Lizard King, Violette Field Threads, Peekaboo, Twig and Tale, Lowland Kids, Brindille Twig, etc. I have a spreadsheet of indie designers focusing mainly on children’s designers that I’d be happy to share with you if you wish.

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