Does anyone want to make Christmas presents?

Yes, I know, it’s way to early to discuss Christmas.  But I know that some sewists turn their thoughts to it far earlier than others, as they toy with the idea of making Christmas presents for friends and family.

Personally, I’m not in this camp.  Earlier in my sewing journey, I made pyjamas for my 3 daughters (out of brushed cotton Aldi duvet covers), but I actually found it quite stressful sewing for someone else (fitting issues) and to a deadline!  They actually ask for shop bought pyjamas now, and I’m not sad about it! But weren’t they cute?

However, some of you, I know, are eager to showcase your skills, and show your loved ones how much you care, by putting the time and effort into creating something bespoke for them.  So here’s a few of my ideas. I’m keeping them simple, and without too many fitting issues.

Cosy stuff

There are a few patterns for slippers out there.  Made by Jacks mum have a lovely pair, the Fireside Slippers:

Tilly and the Buttons have a free pattern and instructions on their blog, again for slipper boots:

And to go with them, you could make a Billie Wearable Blanket by DIBY club.  I’d never heard of this company before, but this pattern is perfection for cold evenings, it looks like there’s a pocket big enough for the TV remotes, a book, a knitting project or just a stash of sweets!

They also do a chlidrens version, the Blaise wearable blanket.  And both patterns are FREE, but will be rather hungry on fabric, but you could buy a supermarket throw and upcycle it! When youdownload it, make sure you send us the A0 version for printing.  It’s 4 A0s, but if you mention this blog in the notes, we will only charge you for 3!

Home stuff

Making cushions for someone can be a really lovely gift, if they have recently moved home, or gone to university.  You could personalise them with some applique or find some fabric that fits in with their interests.  For example, a whippet loving friend might appreciate a cushion made from this fabric from Zazzle.  And it wouldn’t be too difficult to make, there are tutorials on you-tube for cushion making

Helen’s closet in Canada have a lovely tutorial for making for a soup bowl cosy.

Perfect for not burning your legs when you’re eating soup in front of the TV!

They also have a tutorial for  making a plant bucket which would be a lovely way to pimp up a supermarket poinsettia! (I love poinsettia, they remind me of my Granny)

You could also make an apron for someone.  Tessuti in Australia have this fantastic free pattern, but there are others too.

One of my favourite things to make for the home is a pouf.  This is also a free pattern from Closet Core patterns (when you sign up to their newsletter) and a great way to hide all of your scraps! You can see my version on our Instagram.


There are a few items of clothing that are simple to make and don’t require much fitting, so make ideal gifts.

I’m going to recommend Helen’s Closet again, as her Suki robe is brilliant.  It can be worn as a dressing gown, beach cover up, or summer jacket.  So versatile, and I love Helen’s Closet for their inclusive sizing, and use of models of all sizes, ethnicity and ages.

You could also make a Blackwood Cardigan, again from Helen’s Closet, without needing to be too hung up on sizing.  I wear mine all the time.

Visit Helen’s blog, there are so many great ideas on there!

You could also make a cape, I love this Skye wrap from Cool Crafting in Cumbria.

And of course you could make pyjamas.  Tilly and the Buttons has just released a new men’s pyjama pattern, so you could make matching for the whole family!

A hoodie or sweatshirt would also make a nice simple make for someone you know the size of.  There are plenty of patterns out there. A good choice of fabric would really make for something very special.

Bags There are many bag patterns out there.  I particularly like this one from CocoWawa crafts, although it’s a bit more involved than a simple tote

For a simple shopping bag, try the Orton bag from Merchant & Mills.  It’s huge!

If you make a shopping bag, you could of course make a matching face mask and a little pouch to attach it to the bag! I’m not sharing a facemask pattern.

So there’s a few ideas from me, I could probably carry on all day, now that I’ve started, and this is by no means an exhaustive list.  After all, I’ve not mentioned any pencil case, make up bag, eye mask, or scrunchie patterns, but all of those would also make great gifts!

Happy sewing everyone!

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Some great ideas on here to try , thanks for including the links . Think I need to make a list and start as I have promised xmas bunting to my daughters .

Some brilliant suggestions here, thank you very much, I’ve downloaded the Billie Blanket so will be sending that your way 😊 Like the idea of a shopping bag with matching mask too, should be a fairly easy make for a novice like me, many thanks

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