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I’m a big fan of Tilly and the Buttons, it’s where my entire dressmaking journey began, when I bought the ‘Love at First Stitch’ book in 2015.  I also went to an in person workshop at Tilly’s headquarters in London (she doesn’t do these any more), and made a Bettine dress in a day! At that point, I’d not graduated from the book, thinking that I had to make each project in turn before moving on, and my eyes were well and truly opened to other possibilities!

So when Tilly’s second book, ‘Stretch’ was released in 2018, I immediately bought it.  It focuses entirely on projects made with stretch fabrics, one of which is the Stella Hoodie designed for sweatshirting fabrics.

I made one with Lara back in 2018 which was her entry to the Christmas jumper competition that Tilly and the Buttons ran that year.

More recently, I have made 2 for the youngest teen, complete with inseam pockets to incorporate details of her favourite, falling apart, Fat Face hoodie.  I also used ribbing on the bottom band instead of just folding over like the book suggests, because I prefer that finish.

And now, there is this one that I made for the oldest teen, in part to thank her for her work on the website (it works well, I think?) She wanted something warm and snuggly to throw on with leggings, and a pocket for her phone, obviously.  She has a ready to wear one with welt pockets (!) which I wasn’t able to replicate, and she finds the pocket from the pattern a little small.  She was most unhappy about having to take her coat off so that I could photograph it, but here it is!

As it is from the book, I had to trace the pattern pieces off, but there are not too many (2 hood pieces, front, back, sleeve and cuff) so it only took half an hour, and that probably included some procrastinating because I don’t really like tracing.

It came together fairly easily, as always, although with this one, I managed to firstly sew the hood on wonkily, lining the centre front of the hood up with one of the off centre notches, and then on backwards!! Luckily I don’t tend to overlock it, instead I use my sewing machine, then trim the neckline and hood outer pieces leaving a longer lining piece which I use to cover the seam around the neck.

This was going to be a Made by Jacks Mum Hot Coffee, the pattern for which I bought in a recent sale, but I ended up sticking to what I know, and I’m not sad about it, although I think that I will try the Hot Coffee at some point.

I note in the Boden catalogue that was sent to me recently, that there is a pink hoodie dress of a very similar style.

Happy sewing everyone!


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