Merry Christmas!

Hello, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year from Fabulosew!

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who have supported us since we launched in October this year. 

Everyone has been so lovely and supportive, and we are hugely grateful to everyone who has placed an order.  Some of you have placed multiple orders, which is just lovely and helps us to feel that we’ve got something right on this business journey.

Christmas is strange this year, New Year even stranger with so many going into Tier 4 from boxing day.  New Years Day is normally when we have our main family get together as it coincides with my Dad’s birthday.  We can see his house from ours, but will not be seeing him inside, although a dog walk is definitely on the cards.

I am hoping to do a bit of sewing and knitting as I’ve got the 3 days between Christmas and New Year off work, and obviously it won’t be spent driving to relatives this year. 

I’ve some leggings on my list – John has bought and printed the Fehr Trade Steeplechase leggings for me, as I was so excited to see the interesting pattern piece when a customer sent it for printing. And I am part of the way through a Deer and Doe Melilot.  It’s a bit of a challenge as the instructions are fairly scant.  I’m doing the long sleeve version and it took me ages to get my head around the placket instructions.  I was hoping to make a Deer and Doe Bruyere as it looks like a great option for working from home – smart on top, leggings on the bottom.  Also Bruyere means Heather in French.  But Deer and Doe aren’t selling anything to the UK at the moment, not even digital products.

Who knows what next year will bring? Hopefully covid will be a fading memory by next Christmas.  We have been looking at the post Brexit rules, and it looks like, because we aren’t VAT registered, the consequences won’t be too impactful, and we can continue to send printed patterns to Europe. 

When we reach 1,000 Instagram followers, hopefully early next year, we are planning a giveaway.  There will be 2 identical giveaways, one for Instagram and one for Facebook.

And for anyone who has already ordered from us this year, here’s a special offer for you:  Throughout January, use the code THANKYOU10 to get 10% off your printing during the whole of January, starting on Boxing day.

We hope that you all enjoy the festive period.  Stay safe everyone, and do comment if you’ve any sewing projects on the go over the Bank Holidays!

Printing and post runs will still be happening every day the post office is open.


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