Steps To Printing Your Pattern

  1. Buy a pattern from a designer.  It can be from anywhere in the world like Megan Nielsen in Australia, Papercut in New Zealand, or Closet Core in Canada to name but 3.  Once you’ve checked out, download your purchase (pdf) to your computer.  It may be sent by email, or it might be available to download on your account with the designer.
  2. When you’ve saved your pdf pattern, you will see several files.  There is likely to be an A0 file, as well as pdf instructions and an A4 version of the pattern.  Open up the A0 file and look at the number of A0 pages are included in it.  It’s likely to be between 2 for a top and 4 for a coat.
  3. Upload the A0 file only (not the A4 or the instructions) to the Fabulosew website selecting the correct number of A0s in the quantity box.  You can upload as many patterns as you like, each A0 will have the same cost.  If you want a double copy of anything, or you want to only print particular layers, put it into the comment box.
  4. Checkout and wait for your pattern.  Pre wash your fabric while you wait.  Your tissue pattern should arrive within 3 days.