And we are live!

Following our Facebook offer in September, we found the loveliest customers who were all really helpful and understanding while we were trialling our pattern printing and processes.  We also managed to open our website early (thank you Holly), and got some feedback on how that worked too. 

Here’s what we learned:

  • Sewing people are the best, thank you all so much!
  • Printers are temperamental work colleagues, but at least they don’t leave dirty plates in the sink (actually that’s just me!)
  • The folding table needs to be raised up in order to save John’s neck
  • Postage costs more than we thought
  • There are so many sewing pattern designers out there, and the patterns we are printing are often from designers I’d not previously come across, such as DIBY, Ellie and Mac, George and Ginger, and we’ve yet to print a Closet Core Pattern or Named Clothing which are 2 of my favourites
  • Stitching A4s is possible but hard work, and we’ve not had time to properly test it yet
  • Everyone loves our paper, hurrah!

Happy sewing everyone!

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